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Yuki Ito in 'Japanese erotic masseuse, Yuki Ito, gives you the sensual treatment package'

Yuki Ito - Japanese erotic masseuse, Yuki Ito, gives you the sensual treatment package

It's massage time and I'm in for a special treat this time around! Japanese beauty Yuki Ito is my nuru masseuse today. I lie there and let her do what she does best with her Japanese erotic massage. She lathers me up with a smooth, sensual substance that'll allow her to slip all over me until she allows me to slip into her! This Asian beauty rubs me, sucks me, and fucks me so good that will definitely have me coming back for more.

Yuki Ito in 'Yuki Cums To America'

Yuki Ito - Yuki Cums To America

Nuru, Yuki Ito and you…how does that sound? Yes, a Japanese erotic massage with a horny Japanese pornstar is awaiting you at Naughty America. Let her apply the magical slippery and smooth lotion all over your body and hers, then just wait until she slides her entire body all over yours. Feel her ass and natural tits as they warm up your cock so much that she gets warmed up, too! Pretty soon Yuki is so turned on she's putting your hard dick in her mouth and sucking you until you're good and ready to fuck her! The massage goes ultra-rogue when your nuru masseuse hops on your dick and rides you until you spurt cum all over her! You'll be back for another massage…trust us!