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Tristan Summers in 'Steamy Interview'

Tristan Summers - Steamy Interview

Tristan has a streamy interview and takes a big dick.

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Tristan Summers in 'You Saw Mine Now I Wanna See Yours - S19:E7'

Tristan Summers - You Saw Mine Now I Wanna See Yours - S19:E7

Learning to live with a new stepbrother has been a challenge for Tristan Summers, especially when Chase Arcangel doesn't do a very good job of knocking before he enters closed doors. Today, Tristan was just toweling off from the shower when Chase barged in on her. Chase got a full frontal view, so Tristan insists that he get naked and show her his full frontal, too. Chase isn't having it, so after saying no he leaves. Tristan isn't about to give up so easily. She gets dressed and then walks into Chase's room without knocking, ostensibly to collect laundry.Chase has no warning before Tristan crawls into bed to try to take his pants off. She's still insistent that she should get to see Chase's cock since he saw her boobs and pussy. Eventually, Chase agrees that he will show Tristan his dick if she will touch it. Tristan seems okay with that, so Chase shows her the goods. He's shocked when his hot stepsis actually goes through with her end of the bargain. She insists that Chase needs to fuck her. Chase accuses Tristan of having a breeding fetish. She doesn't deny it as long as it means she gets his cock in that tight pussy. Eventually, Chase relents.Since Tristan is already on her back rubbing her clit to entice Chase, he just shoves it in and even leans forward to squeeze and knead those big boobs. Then Chase gets on his back so he can keep on enjoying Tristan's titties as she rides him in cowgirl. Tristan takes her time, exploring plenty of different angles for her ride before getting on her hands and knees to let Chase do her in doggy. When Tristan rolls onto her back, she begs Chase to blow his load in her meaty twat. Tristan promises not to tell anyone as long as Chase continues to glut her with cum as long as he promises to keep doing her tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that...

Tristan Summers in 'Time To Myself'

Tristan Summers - Time To Myself

Tristan Summers is back for another round of fun where she flaunts her big tits and wiggles her ass in its tight thong. That's just the beginning of what this horny blonde teen is willing to do for a good time! Peeling off her clothes, she shakes her ass and then works her fingers down her cream filled slit.

Tristan Summers in 'Naughty Fun'

Tristan Summers - Naughty Fun

Glasses and a miniskirt make Tristan Summers somehow even hotter. This teen knows she's an attention grabbing beauty, so don't be surprised when she flaunts it by performing a striptease that leaves her free to fondle her titties and slip her fingers into the slippery delight of her cock loving bare pussy.

Tristan Summers in 'Give Me More'

Tristan Summers - Give Me More

We can't get enough of busty teen Tristan Summers, and fortunately for us she can't get enough of showing off for our cameras! She loves to flaunt her big titties, but her real goal is to peel off her clothes and grab a vibrating toy that makes her moan as she works it on her tender clit.

Tristan Summers in 'Blondes Have More Fun'

Tristan Summers - Blondes Have More Fun

Tristan Summers had so much fun that she just had to come back and show off her new blonde do. This teen is so sexy, from her busty breasts to her lovely bare pussy that is still revved up and eager to cum. Let her help you get reacquainted with her incredible body.

Tristan Summers in 'Stretching Stepsister'

Tristan Summers - Stretching Stepsister

Stepbro creeps on stepsis as she's stretching to get ready for dance class.

Tristan Summers in 'The Biology Tutor'

Tristan Summers - The Biology Tutor

Horny tutor has sex with her student.

Tristan Summers in 'Sexy Casting'

Tristan Summers - Sexy Casting

Tristan gets interviewed is a sexy casting.

Tristan Summers in 'Fun In The Sun'

Tristan Summers - Fun In The Sun

Tristan gets oiled up by the pool before getting fucked and facialed.

Tristan Summers in 'Tristan Summers'

Tristan Summers - Tristan Summers

Tristan Summers gets interviewed and fucked on the Casting Couch.

Tristan Summers in 'Sex Swing Creampies'

Tristan Summers - Sex Swing Creampies

Tristan gets fucked in a sex swing and takes multiple creampies.

Tristan Summers in 'Petite Girl Takes On A Monster Cock'

Tristan Summers - Petite Girl Takes On A Monster Cock

Tristan Summers is a BABE! She walks up to her stepdad Jonathan Jordan asking if it's okay to take a bath. Of course it's okay, but Jonathan warns her that they have to save water. She says okay and strolls on by the bathroom and removes all of her clothes. She has such a nice tight body and those tits are perky. She heads inside of the bathtub and gives herself a good scrubbing. Meanwhile, Jonathan gets tired of doing nothing and decides to go spy on his stepdaughter and maybe take a few photos of her before deciding to by sneaky and slip inside the tub while she has headphones on. He successfully dips in and Tristan is surprised by the monster cock under the water! She wants to see it and see if this is what her Mom signed up for. Well let's just say Tristan wanted more than to just take a look. Watch Tristan Summers take on a monster cock and watch her pussy get filled in with Jonathan's girthy cock. Wait for the end to see Tristan's face covered with hot cum.

Tristan Summers in 'Toy Orgasm'

Tristan Summers - Toy Orgasm

Lovely Tristan Summers can't wait to make herself cum. This short haired teen loves caressing herself from tits to tummy to twat. Her big breasts are a perfect handful and her tush is soft and squishy! After feeling herself up, she's all ready to grab a dildo and get down to the business of fucking herself!

Tristan Summers in 'Sweet Vibrations'

Tristan Summers - Sweet Vibrations

Nobody loves toys more than teen dream Tristan Summers. This busty American cutie is locked and loaded to peel off her clothes and have some fun! She starts with her big breasts as she makes sure her nipples are nice and hard, then moves on to fondling her clit with her fingers and a vibrator.

Tristan Summers in 'Busty Petite Teen'

Tristan Summers - Busty Petite Teen

It's time for busty teen Tristan Summers to work out and then get herself off afterwards. The braces wearing beauty takes her time peeling off her sweaty outfit and then striking some athletic poses. Once she grabs her vibrator and pushes it to her clit and meaty twat, she won't stop until she cums.

Tristan Summers in 'Amateur Beauty'

Tristan Summers - Amateur Beauty

Brand new but eager to please, Tristan Summers will be your new favorite teen dream. Her short hair and braces are a lovely combo to grab your attention. Once she starts getting naked, there's nothing that can stop her from fondling her clit and even her anus in her pursuit of pleasure.

Tristan Summers in 'Shy Girl Fucks On The Bus'

Tristan Summers - Shy Girl Fucks On The Bus

Another day on the bus and we got lucky! We saw a cute, young girl walking along and decided it was the perfect opportunity to get our boy laid. We pay her for an 'interview' before convincing her to get on the bus. We just keep throwing money at this girl, she shows off her perfect tits and amazing ass. Tony can't stop masturbating. We eventually get her to touch his dick and she gives him an amazing blowjob and they fuck in multiple positions.

Tristan Summers in 'Step Sis Makes Me Cum - S1:E3'

Tristan Summers - Step Sis Makes Me Cum - S1:E3

Tristan Summers is being punished by their parents and has to clean her stepbrother, Jay's, room. Tristan is pretty grossed out by what she finds. Jay starts making comments about how Tristan's tits have grown. He pops his dick out to start stroking it off, and in retaliation Tristan flashes him her boobs. When Jay keeps it up, Tristan peels off her skirt and lays down on Jay's bed to masturbate. Their stand off escalates when Tristan mocks Jay about his stamina. Eventually, he lets her reach out to stroke his hardon. Tristan takes the opportunity to stick it in.With her breathy moans, Tristan has soon enticed Jay to really give it to her. She draws her knees back to open herself up completely to Jay's stiffie. Reaching down, she spreads her folds in a blatant invitation and to make it easy for her to rub her own clitoris. This horny little piece isn't satisfied with just one climax, so she rolls onto her belly and wiggles her ass to entice Jay back inside.Jay is happy to take Tristan in doggy. Her slim body fits easily into Jay's hands, especially as he palms her ass while fucking her. When Tristan rolls over and shoves her breasts together, Jay eagerly takes her up on the offer of a titty fuck and then a BJ that lets Tristan suck her own juices off big brother's dick. Jay lays down and lets Tristan climb on top of him so she can ride him in cowgirl and then in reverse cowgirl. On her back once again, Tristan lets Jay keep pounding away until he's on the verge of cumming. He pulls out at the last second to pop all over his stepsister's belly in a shower of love.

Tristan Summers in 'Take Control - 8 Orgasms'

Tristan Summers - Take Control - 8 Orgasms

Tristan cums over and over with a remote controlled vibrator.