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Scarlett Hampton in 'Horny Nanny'

Scarlett Hampton - Horny Nanny

Horny nanny gets caught trying on her boss' wife's lingerie and taking sexy selfies. She doesn't notice her boss is watching from a crack in the door. She gets busted and soon they're fucking before his wife gets home.

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Scarlett Hampton in 'BBC Nuru Massage'

Scarlett Hampton - BBC Nuru Massage

Scarlett gives Musa a nuru massage that turns her on so much she's begging for some cum in her pussy.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Naughty Bookworms'

Scarlett Hampton - Naughty Bookworms

Scarlett Hampton is as horny as she can be. The first time she got caught masturbating and trying to fuck her Professor, nothing really happened to her, and thus she didn't learn her lesson, but this time, she will give Mr. Pierce her tight wet pussy for an A+

Scarlett Hampton in 'Soaked In Fishnets'

Scarlett Hampton - Soaked In Fishnets

Scarlett gets soaked in oil while wearing fishnets and teases her pussy with a hitachi to get ready for some dick.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Nanny Gets Caught'

Scarlett Hampton - Nanny Gets Caught

Sexy nanny tries on her boss' wife's lingerie and takes sexy selfies of herself when she thinks she is alone. She doesn't realize her boss is watching her the whole time. He busts her and soon they're fucking.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Pool Boy'

Scarlett Hampton - Pool Boy

Scarlett has the hots for her new pool guy. She masturbates while watching him through window then walks outside in bikini and asks him to oil her up. Soon they're naked and Scarlett gets to satisfy her desires.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Worth Every Penny'

Scarlett Hampton - Worth Every Penny

Scarlett dances for Will on a slow night. She takes him into the VIP room and receives a big tip for a handjob and sex.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Tiny Valentine'

Scarlett Hampton - Tiny Valentine

Scarlett celebrates Valentine's Day with a huge dick and a facial.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Down For The Ride'

Scarlett Hampton - Down For The Ride

Scarlett Hampton and Robby Echo share a car. Today, she wants it to go to the beach and Robby wants it to go see his family. She decides to rub her hand across his jeans while using her body and words to seduce Robby so that he'll cede the car to her instead of going to see his parents. Sealing the deal with a kiss, the couple takes things to the bedroom. Scarlett is eager to make good on her part of the bargain. She tugs Robby's pants down and goes to work with her hot little hands. Opening her mouth for a lick, Scarlett goes on to sucking. She tugs her dress down to put her tight titties on display to show that her nipples are already nice and hard in anticipation of pleasure to come.Hiking up her miniskirt, Scarlett straddles Robby. She teases him, rubbing her slit against his cock. When she finally pulls her thong aside and sinks down onto the D, Scarlett throws her head back in delight as she moans. Her stiffie ride is as satisfying as she has hoped it would be, leaving her aching for something more. On her knees, Scarlett wiggles her rump to invite Robby back into her creamy snatch. He takes her up on it, going for a doggy style pussy pounding. Rocking back to meet Robby's strokes, Scarlett sings her pleasure long and loud.Robby flips Scarlett onto her back and spreads her thighs. Falling to his belly, he dives right into her sweet cream. Her wetness only encourages Robby to slide back inside. He starts on his knees, but soon shifts to a spooning position behind Scarlett. Pulling out, he blasts off on Scarlett's smooth mound, then agrees to give her the car for the day.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Sexy Interruption'

Scarlett Hampton - Sexy Interruption

Will is on the phone but Scarlett is horny and demands his attention with a strip tease and foot job.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Erotic Distraction'

Scarlett Hampton - Erotic Distraction

Chloe's man is on a work call and she decides to tease him with a sexy striptease.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Facialed For Rent'

Scarlett Hampton - Facialed For Rent

Scarlett can't afford to pay her rent but works out a deal. Instead of paying rent, she'll pay by getting facialed.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Cum Gulp'

Scarlett Hampton - Cum Gulp

Scarlett gets a huge load of cum blown down her throat and tries to swallow as much as she can.

Maria Anjel in 'Only If You Are Lucky Stepbro - S22:E6'

Maria Anjel - Only If You Are Lucky Stepbro - S22:E6

Dressed in matching outfits, Maria Anjel and Scarlett Hampton are in the process of decorating for a St. Patty's party when Scarlett's stepbrother, Jay Romero, walks in on them. He asks about their shirts, which say Ask Me, I Might… Scarlett tells him that they might show off their cute tits with their shamrock pasties. Before they will let Jay see the goods, though, Maria and Scarlett want to convince Jay that he needs to act on Scarlett's stepfamily sex fetish.Turning around, the girls shake their booties to sweeten Jay up and then tell him that he has to put his dick through something and let his mom catch him. The family fetish involves getting caught. Jay says no, but later they find him with his hardon in a bowl of cereal. They call Jay's mom and let her catch them with Scarlett's hand on Jay's cock. She storms off to get Scarlett's dad and Scarlett tells Jay he'd better fuck her fast.The girls begin their reward for Jay's cooperation with a double blowjob. Then Scarlett finally get to live out her family sex fetish as Jay fucks her in doggy while she rubs down her BFF's snatch. Maria gets a go at the D when she scoots forward on her back and takes him between her thighs. Cradled in Scarlett's arms, she really lets herself enjoy. She keeps her bon temps rolling as she rides Jay's fuck stick in cowgirl. Scarlett gets on her back for Jay to do her one last time and then squeals in delight as he pulls out to cover her in his cum. Just as the girls are snowballing their treat, Scarlett and Jay's parents return home.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Big Secret'

Scarlett Hampton - Big Secret

Scarlett's in the hot seat in more ways than one: her boyfriend found dick pics on her phone, and she has to think fast. She also wants to keep riding that dick, so she'll have to fuck even faster.

Scarlett Hampton in '- Blacks On Blondes - Scene 2'

Scarlett Hampton - Blacks On Blondes

Times are tough in America and homeowners are having to get resourceful to pay their mortgages. One method of additional income has become the popularity of renting out rooms in your house. Rules have to be set in place so common areas are kept clean. For instance in Scarlett's house, her mother has set rules where unless you are in your room you have to wear clothes. No walking into common areas in your undies or naked. Afterall she has an 18 year old girl living at the house. So can you imagine Scarlett's shock when she comes across one of the tenants lounging in his underwear looking at his phone. Oh my goodness - what if the old lady who rents the other room saw this almost naked black man. Scarlett warns him her mother will get mad if she finds out. I mean, look at that large lump in the front of your underwear. What kind of magical coiled serpent resides beneath that cotton hoping to spring out. Upset that he is being told to wear clothes he pulls off his underwear in protest releasing his black mamba. Scarlett finds herself staring at it. Is it obvious she is drooling. Can the man sense the cream dripping down her thighs from her now pulsating cunt? When asked what would she do with this dick there is only one answer she can give. The truth. She needs that cock in her mouth. It's obvious why momma did not want men running around the house naked. She knows it drives little white girls crazy. Drooling and sucking like Ponce De Leon at the fountain of youth, Scarlett needs that cock in her dripping pussy in the worst possible way. As it enters her she knows where she belongs - as an ornament on the end of a big black pole. Fucking and riding Scarlett is liberated and now realizes she has an addiction. An addiction to Big Black Cock. Nothing new here. White girls will be white girls and they know what they want.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Strawberries and Cream'

Scarlett Hampton - Strawberries and Cream

Scarlett Hampton enjoys some juicy strawberries before getting her pussy filled with cream.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Foreign Exchange'

Scarlett Hampton - Foreign Exchange

Scarlett Hampton has sex with her host while studying abroad in England.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Scarlett Hampton'

Scarlett Hampton - Scarlett Hampton

Scarlett Hampton gets interviewed and fucked on the casting couch.

Scarlett Hampton in 'The Morning After'

Scarlett Hampton - The Morning After

Scarlett wakes up on the couch with jizz leaking from her pussy. Looks like she had an awesome night and is about to have an even better morning. Dante gets back with breakfast, she thanks him by sucking his dick and letting him get another go at her teen cunt. She's so tight he can't help but shoot his load once before immediately going back for more!

Scarlett Hampton in 'Pics Or It Didnt Happen - S20:E8'

Scarlett Hampton - Pics Or It Didnt Happen - S20:E8

Scarlett Hampton's ex-boyfriend is a skeevy ass who has been fucking his ex. Scarlett found out about it when the ex took pictures of them together at a hotel and then tagged Scarlett in them. Jason walks in just in time to hear his stepsis dump her boyfriend, so he sees what he can do to comfort her. Scarlett tells Jason she wants to get back at her ex, but he's not interested in going out and beating anyone up for her. Fortunately, that's not quite what Scarlett had in mind. She was thinking more along the line of getting Jason to help her take some dirty pics of her own to post online so her ex knew she wasn't missing him at all.Even though he and Scarlett have gotten together in the past, Jason isn't keen on having her post his dick pics online since they've agreed to keep their liaisons a secret. He also has a girlfriend now who'd kill him if she found out he was fucking his stepsister. Scarlett swears it'll still be their secret since she won't post Jason's face online. They pinkie swear on it, and then Scarlett gets to work. Dropping to her knees, she pulls her stepbro's hardon out to start sucking it with plenty of deep throat action. Jason makes Scarlett promise to let him cum since he doesn't want to be left with blue balls, so they do one picture of Scarlett sucking dick now and agree to do another when she has cum on her face. Before Scarlett can have the jizz, though, she has to earn it.The stepsibs take it to the bedroom, where Scarlett gets naked and rolls onto her back to invite Jason inside. Scarlett's twat is oh so creamy as Jason takes her up on it, especially as Scarlett rubs her clit to help get herself off. Jason takes Scarlett's spot on the bed so that his stepsister can climb on top of him and go for a bald pussy stiffie ride. When she turns around and keeps on bouncing away, Jason gets to smack that lovely ass to both of their delight. There's more ass to admire when Scarlett gets on her hands and knees for Jason to do her doggy style. Scarlett knows that Jason is close, so she gets on her back once again to let him pound away until he's about to cum. Pulling out, he keeps up his end of the bargain by nutting on Scarlett's face so she can snap the key photo to make her ex super jealous.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Tryst'

Scarlett Hampton - Tryst

Codey needs some company and has the cash to pay for a hot piece of teen pussy like Scarlett. She's happy to make that cash but also to get stuffed by such a big dick!

Scarlett Hampton in 'The Extra Mile'

Scarlett Hampton - The Extra Mile

Scarlett's a go-getter, with a million little ways to get what she wants. When she finds herself competing for her boss's attention, Scarlett shows him what makes her the perfect personal assistant.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Watch Me Cum'

Scarlett Hampton - Watch Me Cum

Scarlett Hampton is the perkiest blonde babe we've seen in a long time! This American cutie has some super full curves that she loves to stroke. Her slim frame makes her big boobs and booty stand out as she gets naked and strikes poses to show off her flexibility and highlight her lovely figure.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Sweet Release'

Scarlett Hampton - Sweet Release

Check out the way Scarlett Hampton's clothes hug her boobies and booty. This horny American loves to flaunt her good looks. By the time her clothes hit the floor, her nipples are nice and hard and her bare snatch is dripping with excitement at the thought of making herself cum.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Honey'

Scarlett Hampton - Honey

Busty blonde babe Scarlett Hampton has some serious curves and she knows how to flaunt them. Her thong is in the way of her wandering hands as she strokes herself from boobs to bottom, so she lets it hit the ground. Look how nice and wet her bare twat is as she waits for your touch!

Scarlett Hampton in 'Spa Day Anal'

Scarlett Hampton - Spa Day Anal

Scarlett gets her ass fucked and creampied during a spa day.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Give Me Some'

Scarlett Hampton - Give Me Some

Looking sexy and fuckable in white, Scarlett Hampton can't stop flirting with our cameras. This babe can't keep her clothes on! Once she's naked, her hands are everywhere, tweaking her nipples to hard peaks and then holding her thighs apart to really show off her slippery bare fuck hole and lovely anus.

Scarlett Hampton in 'Sexy Beast'

Scarlett Hampton - Sexy Beast

Scarlett Hampton dresses up as a sexy kitty and gets fucked by a big dick on safari.

Scarlett Hampton in '- Blacks On Blondes'

Scarlett Hampton - Blacks On Blondes

When cheerleader Scarlett stops by her boyfriends house she discovers he is not around but his big brother is. She's heard all about him and knows he is getting his masters in college. She will be going to college herself next year and is worried she does not have enough experience with older college men and is hoping Mazee might give her some pointers. Mazee is no dummy and knows when a dumb little bimbo wants to put out and dammit his brother will get over this. It's not like the two of them will be getting married and nobody turns down a free lunch. Well as soon as you can say 'lickity split' this bitch is sucking on his candy stick. Damn this is some fine ass high school pussy. And legal too at 18. You see Scarlett is about to graduate. Soon Mazee is graduating his cock deep into her tight little white pussy. Whoooo whheeee is that a tight lil thing. All wet and grabby, Scarlett's pussy squeezing on his cock as she clenched down for an afternoon fuck fest. Mazee taps that pussy for all it's worth giving the teen a first class tutorial in advanced slut fucking. Soon she is wearing a cum face bath as her reward for a job well done.

Scarlett Hampton in 'fucks her dad's friend to get her Spain trip paid'

Scarlett Hampton - My Daughter's Hot Friend

Scarlett Hampton's friend is going to Spain and Scarlett really wants to go as well. So Scarlett stops by to visit her friend's dad, Ryan, to see if she can convince him to pay for her trip to Spain, too. Ryan isn't having it, but Scarlett will do anything in order to go to Spain. She really does mean fucking Ryan on a regular basis. Ryan can't say 'no' to that and stuff's Scarlett's pussy with his hard cock!

Scarlett Hampton in 'Orgasmic 4th of July'

Scarlett Hampton - Orgasmic 4th of July

Scarlett gets fucked to multiple orgasms on the 4th of July.