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Rissa May in 'Oiled Beauty'

Rissa May - Oiled Beauty

Rissa gets oiled up and shows off her big boobs and hot body.

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Rissa May in 'Petite Smokeshow Rissa Drops BF For Thick BBC'

Rissa May - Petite Smokeshow Rissa Drops BF For Thick BBC

Her boyfriend isn't really giving her what she needs, so busty brunette Rissa links up with the guy in her DMs claiming he can treat her better.

Rissa May in 'Hungry For Anal'

Rissa May - Hungry For Anal

Rissa shows off her big beautiful tits in a skimpy outfit and stretches her tight ass until it's ready for a hard cock.

Dana DeArmond in 'Getting A Load While Riding The Washer'

Dana DeArmond - Getting A Load While Riding The Washer

Dana DeArmond is a hot MILF who's meeting her new stepdaughter, Rissa May, for the first time after arriving home from college. Dana's hubby is leaving the two ladies alone in the house together for the first time to get to know each other, but Dana is more focused on laundry. When she puts a load in the washer, it starts a-rockin'. Dana wants to call a handyman, but Rissa says it ain't broke, it's a sex toy. Rissa rides the washer to orgasm as prudish Dana pervs out. Dana decides to let her inner slut out just in time to have a threesome with Rissa and the hot handyman, Mick Blue.

Rissa May in 'Curvy Cutie Rissa Get Her Tiny Ass Drilled Hard'

Rissa May - Curvy Cutie Rissa Get Her Tiny Ass Drilled Hard

Stacked hottie Rissa's big tits and bubblicious booty are on full display as she gets all her holes filled just the way she likes!

Rissa May in 'Game Set Match - S19:E12'

Rissa May - Game Set Match - S19:E12

Rissa May has asked her boyfriend Quinton James to teach her how to play tennis. They've just finished their workout for the day and Quinton has delivered some water. He claims he's not that great a coach, but Rissa tells him that he's very hands on. It's true; his hands are already on her thighs and exploring further.That's all the time for talking they have as they come together. Arching her back, Rissa watches as Quinton undoes the zip on her top to spring her big boobs free. Then she leans back so he can ease her out of her skintight shorts and go to work licking her greedy pussy.Not one to be outdone, Rissa lays on her back on the counter and pulls Quinton's cock towards her. Opening wide as her head dangles down, Rissa delivers a deep throat BJ from that angle before ceding the kitchen counter to Quinton. Once Quinton is on his back, Rissa climbs on top of him and slides down on him in cowgirl.Climbing off, Rissa sucks their combined juices off the D and then fluffs him with a titty fuck. Once she's satisfied that Quinton is ready for another position, Rissa gets to her feet and leans over the counter so that her boyfriend can slide back home from behind. Anchoring his hands on Rissa's hips, Quinton plows her nice and deep.Back on the counter, Rissa hooks one ankle over Quinton's shoulder. The move opens her nice and wide to Quinton's ministrations, letting him glide nice and deep. He brings her to the brink one last time before pulling out to cum on her stomach and big naturals as he enjoys his own satisfying conclusion.

Rissa May in 'Experienced'

Rissa May - Experienced

Rissa and Melanie both want to make it in the entertainment business, but when one of them bites off more than she can chew they'll both have to prove their dedication to getting ahead.

Syren De Mer in 'Cleaning Them Out!'

Syren De Mer - Cleaning Them Out!

Rissa is just trying to make a few extra bucks with a domestic cleaning service. But when Mick and Syren hire Rissa to clean their home, she doesn't know what they have in store for her. The perverted older couple offer Rissa cash for sexual favors – Rissa is a little hesitant, but it's good money and the couple are attractive! The wild back & forth between all parties eventually leads to a filthy threesome!

Ethan Seeks in 'Stepsis Needs To Know What My Hot Load Feels Like - S10:E8'

Ethan Seeks - Stepsis Needs To Know What My Hot Load Feels Like - S10:E8

Rissa May is helping her stepbrother Ethan Seeks out as he makes a sandwich. Any time Rissa turns her back, Ethan checks her out. Rissa gives that flirting right back, asking Ethan if he's ever cum in a girl's pussy or on her tits before. Ethan claims he hasn't, so Rissa describes what it feels like to have cum all over her.When Ethan admits he likes hearing about it, Rissa invites him to cum in her pussy. He agrees that he'll fuck her but he won't cum in her pussy. Popping her tits out, Rissa makes it clear that Ethan has a deal. She jiggles those big naturals and then turns around to peel her shorts off so Ethan can admire her ass in its thong. When Rissa is totally nude, she hops on the counter so her stepbro can eat her out.The stepsiblings relocate to the bedroom, where Rissa demonstrates that she can gobble cock like a pro. She straddles Ethan's hips to ride him in cowgirl and then turns around and goes nuts in reverse cowgirl. Ethan spoons behind Rissa as they keep it up. When she gets on her knees, Rissa enjoys a pussy pounding as Ethan admires and kneads her big booty. Rissa rolls onto her back right before Ethan announces he's about to cum. Capturing him between her legs, she pulls him forward to make sure he creampies her juicy coochie.

Rissa May in 'You Cant Have A Sexless Valentines Day - S19:E11'

Rissa May - You Cant Have A Sexless Valentines Day - S19:E11

Rissa May and Scarlett Alexis are having coffee together when the doorbell rings. Scarlett goes to the door and finds a delivery of a card and chocolates and flowers. Robby Echo strolls in just in time to see Scarlett admiring her gifts.The trio gets to chatting and Scarlett realizes that Rissa has no plans for Valentine's Day. She asks Rissa to join them for dinner. Then she insists that Rissa can't have a sexless Valentine's Day. Robby isn't about to argue with Scarlett's assessment since it means a threesome for him.Coming on hard, Scarlett leans forward to kiss first Rissa and then Robby. The couple puts Rissa in the middle and bares her big breasts, the perfect treat for them each to feast on. When the girls drop to their knees in front of Robby, he's nice and hard for them to enjoy a double blowjob.Moving to the couch, the girls undress each other as they keep on indulging in sucking and stroking Robby's cock. When Rissa's thong has hit the ground, Scarlett helps her climb on top of Robby to slide down in reverse cowgirl. Rissa's big tits bounce as she rides Robby, a delectable treat for Scarlett to enjoy.Climbing off of Robby, Rissa runs her hands all over his body as Robby rubs Scarlett's pussy in just the way he knows she likes. Then he helps Scarlett out of her thong so he can eat her out and fuck her from behind. On her knees before her boyfriend, Scarlett urges Rissa to arrange herself so she can eat her BFF's pussy.It's Rissa's turn to be in the middle next. On her back, she spreads herself wide open so Robby can plunge nice and deep. Meanwhile, Scarlett rides her friend's tongue with smooth strokes of her hips.As the trio winds down their lovemaking, Scarlett gets to enjoy some spooning sex with Robby and Rissa's lips on her nipples. Robby then lets the girls indulge in his body with Rissa riding his tongue and both girls playing with his cock. After Rissa has given everything, even a titty fuck, Robby finally cums on Rissa's chest to give the girls a treat to enjoy together.

Rissa May in 'Gets Railed By The Pool'

Rissa May - Gets Railed By The Pool

Brunette bombshell Rissa May shows off by the pool, teasing us with her big natural tits. It doesn't take long for Vince Karter to appear in the scene and tittyfuck her right away before fucking her pussy outside by the pool.

Rissa May in 'Studying Stepsisters Pussy - S30:E9'

Rissa May - Studying Stepsisters Pussy - S30:E9

Rissa May is struggling in her classes, but her stepbrother Jay Romero has most of the same ones. She tries to get him to help her by copying his homework. She sweetens the deal by popping her tits out, but Jay really needs to pass the class so she storms away.Later, Rissa corners Jay as he's sitting on the couch. She hikes her miniskirt to show him her shaved pussy, offering to let him touch it. Soon, Jay is buried face deep in his stepsister's cream filled coochie. In return, Rissa deep throat's Jay's hardon and even delivers a titty fuck between her big naturals.Turning around, Rissa slides down onto Jay's lap so that she's impaled on his hardon in reverse cowgirl. She gives another titty fuck and BJ, then has him go to the bedroom so he can do her in doggy on the comfortable bed. When Rissa rolls onto her back and spreads her thighs wide open, Jay sinks back into her velvet glove. He watches them titties bounce as she rocks his world in cowgirl, then lays back and enjoys as Rissa finishes him off with her boobs and feet until he cums on her chest. Jay agrees at that point to let Rissa copy his essay.

Rissa May in 'Patriotic Stepsis'

Rissa May - Patriotic Stepsis

Rissa and her Stepbro haven't seen each other in quite a while. He's been in the military and is finally visiting home after years. Rissa discovers he's turned into a muscular beefcake and Rissa had a growth spurt causing her tits to get HUGE! When they reconnect, they can't resist their attraction to each other. Soon, they're getting closer than ever!

Arabelle Raphael in 'My Son's Slutty GF Earns Ca$h'

Arabelle Raphael - My Son's Slutty GF Earns Ca$h

Rissa May is going home with her man for their senior year of college break to meet his family, Arabelle Raphael and Scott Nails. Her boyfriend is so distracted by his shitty state of finances that he's paying Rissa's pussy no attention. Frustrated, Rissa decides to tour the house solo, running right into the hot hardcore action of Arabelle and Scott. Scott realizes his son is home and quickly gets dressed leaving Arabelle to play with her wand. As Scott exits, Rissa enters and surprises Arabelle with her big naturals. When Scott finds the hot scissoring lesbian action happening in his bedroom he happily helps his son out with a loan to sneak away from him and join the threesome.

Rissa May in 'Tight Little Pussy'

Rissa May - Tight Little Pussy

Rissa May loves her big naturals that make it easy to show her cleavage and help her have the courage to flaunt her bubble butt, too. This cum craving teen is anything but shy about the body she's been blessed with, and she won't ever hesitate to get naked and show off.

Rissa May in 'Shower And Toys'

Rissa May - Shower And Toys

If a shower is supposed to be for when you're dirty, then Rissa May knows it's important to use a toy and get herself off before stepping beneath the spray. She's eager to show off her whole shower routine, from the vibrator that makes her moan to how she soaps up her big boobs.

Rissa May in 'Cumming On BBC'

Rissa May - Cumming On BBC

Rissa has only been able to squirt with her big dildo…until now. She meets a guy with a BBC that can satisfy her deep enough to make her squirt all over.

Rissa May in 'My Big Natural Tits'

Rissa May - My Big Natural Tits

Rissa May knows that she has one hell of a body, and this cum loving teen has no problems dressing to show herself off, especially her big naturals. The only thing better than watching this coed strut her stuff is seeing her get naked and jiggle her jugs before spreading her thighs for a glimpse of heaven.

Rissa May in 'Hot Brunette'

Rissa May - Hot Brunette

It's not often we get a babe like Rissa May with such incredible natural DDs to compliment her bubble butt and constant horniness. This teen loves to fuck, and if she can't find a partner she has no problems getting naked and going to town on her cream filled fuck hole with a vibrator!

Rissa May in 'Dirty In The Shower'

Rissa May - Dirty In The Shower

Rissa enters the shower to get dirty! She soaps up her massive boobs and toys her ass in the shower. She gets out and joins Will for intense anal sex and multiple anal creampies.

Rissa May in 'Pussy Rub Down'

Rissa May - Pussy Rub Down

Rissa gets her smooth pussy rubbed down and massaged with oil to get ready for a hard cock.

Jayden Marcos in 'December 2023 Fantasy Of The Month - S5:E3'

Jayden Marcos - December 2023 Fantasy Of The Month - S5:E3

All Rissa May, our fantasy of the month for December 2023, wants for Christmas is Jayden Marcos. Laid out in front of the Christmas tree in lingerie and a robe, she trails her fingers over her soft skin while she waits for Jayden. When he joins her, they exchange a kiss and then exchange gifts.Jayden's gift for Rissa is a beautiful necklace, but she claims that she hasn't had everything she wants for Christmas quite yet. Running her foot over Jadyen's hardon, Rissa makes her desire well known. Jayden's answering wanting is equally obvious.With a charming smile, Jayden lays Rissa down on the rug in front of the Christmas tree and goes in for a pussy eating. He licks and sucks, slurping at the clit. When Rissa is really feeling the heat, she pops her tits out and turns the tables on Jayden by giving him a lusty and eager blowjob.Crawling on top of Jayden's prone figure, Rissa rubs the tip of his dick against her big naturals and then slides him into her juicy twat. They come together in cowgirl, but there's still so much more lovemaking to be enjoyed! Jayden tugs Rissa off the D and eats their combined juices, letting her lay back against his body as she writhes in delight.Rolling Rissa onto her hands and knees, Jayden shoves into her from behind. Their doggy style fucking gets even hotter as Rissa lifts her torso to press her back to Jayden's chest. The new angle of penetration hits all the right spots to get Rissa squirming in delight.On her back next, Rissa spreads her thighs for Jayden to take her once again. Then Jayden lays himself down so Rissa can ride him in reverse cowgirl until she's fully sated. When she pulls Jayden out and strokes him off, Rissa doesn't quit until he has blasted off on her sleek twat.

Rissa May in 'Cute Girl Needs Dick!'

Rissa May - Cute Girl Needs Dick!

Rissa May is recording a video for her fans, showing off her natural perfect tits and playing with her clit. After a few moments she realizes she wants and needs a dick to make her video even better. She comes up with the great idea of going outside and calling in the pool guy. She talks to him about the idea. He's kinda of taken back by it. She pulls him inside and convinces to be in the video. From there, they go into a wild sex session in front of the camera. All leading up to him cumming all over her face.

Rissa May in 'Busty Maid'

Rissa May - Busty Maid

Busty maid cleans the house while her huge boobs bounce all over.

Rissa May in 'Wet and Busty'

Rissa May - Wet and Busty

Rissa gets wet and soapy in the shower before getting an oiled massage. Being rubbed down leaves her horny for cock!

Rissa May in 'Loosening Up Step Daughter'

Rissa May - Loosening Up Step Daughter

Rissa comes home after a rough practice all sore. Her step dad Peter just happens to be a masseuse and offers to loosen her up real good. The massage starts innocent enough, until Rissa points out her chest as one of her problem areas. Peter is reluctant at first but anything to help out his step daughter. Rissa gets turned on by all the rubbing and suddenly her problem area is in her pussy. She won't tell her mom if her step dad loosens that up for her as well. Peter fucks her tight pussy good, and gives it a good stretch. I think she will be relaxed and ready for practice tomorrow. Nothing a good orgasim cant cure.

Rissa May in 'Working Out'

Rissa May - Working Out

Rissa's big boobs bounce beautifully in her tight workout gear. Will can't help but stare and gets his exercise by fucking Rissa!

Rissa May in 'Skimpy Bikini'

Rissa May - Skimpy Bikini

Rissa shows off her hot body in a bikini and gets rubbed down with oil.

Rissa May in 'My Stepbrother Has A Big Slugger - S29:E1'

Rissa May - My Stepbrother Has A Big Slugger - S29:E1

Jay Romero is working on his swing when his stepsister, Rissa May, walks in on him. She suggests that she wants to play, but Jay points out that changing into his clothes doesn't make him good at baseball. Rissa claims that she's good and tries again to get Jay to play with her, but he isn't having any of it. He suggests that Rissa become a cheerleader or something.Rissa leaves the room and returns dressed in a business slutty outfit. She claims she's a commentator and instructs Jay to work on his swing so she can practice. As Jay does as he's told, Rissa provides a commentary that gets increasingly sexual until Jay just exclaims that Rissa wants to fuck him. He has a point, so Rissa stops beating around the bush. Popping her huge tits out, the teen drops to a crouch and begins slurping and sucking Jay's stiffie.Getting Rissa to her feet and turning her around, Jay leans his stepsis over the counter and shoves in from behind. Jay takes a turn on his back on the kitchen island, sucking Rissa's jugs as she rides him in cowgirl. She follows that up with a titty fuck, then takes Jay's place on the countertop so he can pound her pussy nice and deep. Pulling out, Jay blows his load on Rissa's shaved twat. Now that they're finished, Rissa announces she's going to tell her mom about their liaison so Jay can't play baseball anymore.

Rissa May in 'Is This A Treat Or A Trick - S24:E6'

Rissa May - Is This A Treat Or A Trick - S24:E6

Spooky season is upon us, and Rissa May has the candy that goes along with it. She's just sorting through her haul when her stepbrother, Jay Romero, sneaks up behind her. Jay wants to prank Rissa, but he also wants to check out her ass. Rissa notices the spider and jumps, sending those DDs jiggling in her shirt. She tells Jay to cut out the pranks or he's going to get her pregnant.Later, Rissa returns to the living room dressed as a princess for a Halloween party. She finds a real-looking scarecrow holding her candy. When she goes to take a treat, a hand comes out to stop her. Rissa says aloud that she should have known, but she keeps playing along while commenting that her animatronic scarecrow has a really nice boner. Moments later, she's on her knees stroking and sucking that hardon.Rissa's scarecrow gets her on her knees to fuck her from behind, then takes a seat so Rissa can ride him while shoving those boobies in his face. Turning around, Rissa rides in reverse cowgirl as her breasts bounce to the same rhythm. When Rissa gets on her back, she spreads her thighs out nice and wide and begs her stepbrother/scarecrow to keep on pounding her pussy. Jay does as she asks until he blows a big load into that tight twat. Pleased, Rissa reminds Jay that she did warn him she'd get his cum in her cooch.

Rissa May in 'Big Wet Boobs'

Rissa May - Big Wet Boobs

Rissa shows off her big, beautiful, boobs and drenches them in oil.

Rissa May in 'Squirting Buckets - 9 Orgasms'

Rissa May - Squirting Buckets - 9 Orgasms

Rissa vibrator hits her g-spot just right to make her squirt all over. She gets so turned on that she's begging for a cock to satisfy her need to cum.

Rissa May in 'Oily Pool Sex With Rissa May'

Rissa May - Oily Pool Sex With Rissa May

We're having fun in the sun! Rissa May loves to show off her body at the pool and we're all here for it. She likes to use oil to tan in the sun and the way her skin glistens in the light makes me want to lick it all off. Rissa's tits are so big that her bikini can barely hold them in but no worries as Risa takes the bikini off and lets her big tits get kissed by the sun. She touches herself all over until our boy Derek comes in to offer assistance. Rissa loves the way Derek gives her a back rub and it makes her feel so good that she strips her bikini off and rubs her bare big ass all over Derek's chest. She couldn't hold it any longer and begged to oil up Derek's cock and it didn't take long for the Rissa to slip Derek's dick into her wet pussy. Rissa's body is made to fuck, just look at the way her ass and tits jiggle up and down. Looking at Rissa May's tits during missionary makes my dick harder than a rock, just the way they look with oil is perfect. Derek's a lucky man for fucking one of Bang Bros' hottest chicks.

Rissa May in 'Barely 18 on the Bus'

Rissa May - Barely 18 on the Bus

Rissa May was walking to the beach when a white van pulled up and the guys offered her $100 for a few questions. Yes she just turned 18. Quickly they got to offering her $1000 if she would be naked on the nude beach. Of course they would drive her there. Quick $1000? Of course she was in. While driving they offered another $100 if she would already get naked in the van. What a beautiful sight. Jay Bangher was wearing short shorts and his dick started to peek out. Another $100 to touch it, another $100 to kiss it. In now time they fucked. Her huge breasts were bouncing with bumps the van was hitting. They fucked and fucked until Jay came in her face. They said good bye and left her stranded.

Rissa May in 'Busty Brunette'

Rissa May - Busty Brunette

Busty brunette slide's a big cock between her oily tits and takes a load on her face.

Rissa May in 'All Alone'

Rissa May - All Alone

Rissa May sneaks into a sex toy warehouse. Thinking she is alone, she samples some of the goods. Her moans of pleasure alerts a worker and he confronts her. To keep him from calling the cops, she gives him a blowjob and let's him pump her tight pussy until he blows a load all over her face.