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Aria Sloane in 'takes a break from filling her head with school work to filling her pussy with dick'

Aria Sloane - takes a break from filling her head with school work to filling her pussy with dick

My girlfriend, Aria Sloane, calls me up and invites me over to her dorm to help her study. I know exactly where this is headed because my babe Aria is one horny ass college girl. Sure enough, I arrive at her place and she quickly tosses aside her books and takes my cock out for her mouth. She loves a good dick and multiple orgasms to get her through studying. Instead of cramming for tests, she'd rather cram my cock in her mouth and pussy until I cum all over her pretty face.

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Aria Sloane in 'Garden Of Eden'

Aria Sloane - Garden Of Eden

A romantic stroll through the garden gets hot and heavy. Aria starts sucking her man's cock before going inside to get her pussy pleased and filled with cum.

Aria Sloane in 'Silky Soft'

Aria Sloane - Silky Soft

Aria shows off and teases her silky smooth pussy. She gets dripping wet, ready to take a big cock.

Aria Sloane in 'Big Dick Challenge'

Aria Sloane - Big Dick Challenge

Aria is a free spirit doing a sexual scavenger hunt. She needs to take a selfie with the biggest cock she can find. She asks Jon Jon for his help and is shocked to find that his cock is big enough to help her win!

Aria Sloane in 'Blacks On Blondes'

Aria Sloane - Blacks On Blondes

When Aria Sloan is surprised by a stranger knocking on her door and asking for her neighbor she quickly discovers he is on an online hookup. In fact he has never met her neighbor and accidentally went to the wrong address. Jumping at her chance to finally get back at the girl who stole her role in a play. Aria makes a full press on the startled man. What better way to get back at that bitch than to fuck her date. Aria is hell bent on showing the stranger she is a guaranteed lay and why waste his time going over to his dates' house when all the pussy he needed was right here. Faster than a blink of an eye Aria has Rob Piper's cock in her mouth and she is slurping away ready to get that meat stick in her pussy. If there is one thing Aria is proud of is her perfectly shaped pussy. She brags about it all the time and is dying to get this big dick in her pride and joy. Soon Rob is pounding her snapper hard and deep as Aria squeals with the enjoyment of the fruits of her labor.