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Allie Addison in 'Oiled Up'

Allie Addison - Oiled Up

Allie gets turned on while getting oiled up for the pool and begs to get her pussy pleased.

Allie Addison in 'Cupcake Surprise'

Allie Addison - Cupcake Surprise

Allie invites her boyfriend over for cupcakes and sex.

Allie Addison in 'Horny Landlord'

Allie Addison - Horny Landlord

Horny landlord fucks his sexy, blonde tenant.

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Allie Addison in 'Cute Pussy'

Allie Addison - Cute Pussy

Cute cosplay girl gets her pussy pounded by a big cock.

Scarlit Scandal in 'My Freaky Stepsister Is Into My Hot Girlfriend!'

Scarlit Scandal - My Freaky Stepsister Is Into My Hot Girlfriend!

Van brings his new girlfriend Allie over to hang out for the first time. As soon as Van's stepsister Scarlit lays eyes on Allie – she's in total lust! Scarlit maneuvers her way into Allie's pussy repeatedly until she decides it's only fair she shares with her stepbrother - in a wild & taboo threesome!

Allie Addison in 'Playful Allie'

Allie Addison - Playful Allie

Allie is ready to go to the pool but needs to her pussy played with first.

Allie Addison in 'Creamy Mouthful'

Allie Addison - Creamy Mouthful

Allie gets her mouth filled with so much cum that its dripping out of her mouth.

Allie Addison in 'Oiled Allie'

Allie Addison - Oiled Allie

Allie gets oiled up and gives a sexy tease before getting fucked by Dan's big cock!

Allie Addison in 'These Taste Like Dick - S26:E5'

Allie Addison - These Taste Like Dick - S26:E5

It's Easter, which means that marshmallow chicks are in season. Aria Valencia and her friend Allie Addison are enjoying themselves with the snacks while chatting that they taste like dick. Aria's stepbrother, Joshua Lewis, overhears their conversation and begins questioning the girls about how they know what dick tastes like. The girls tease Joshua, then decide to fuck with him.Later, Joshua returns to the living room to find both girls wearing nothing but some strategically placed marshmallow animals. They invite him to come and fill their Easter baskets with his big carrot. When Joshua hesitates, Aria and Allie claim they're going to take care of each other. Kissing and caressing, they give Joshua one last chance to come fuck them. He's nervous, but he doesn't want to let this opportunity pass him by.After enjoying a double team blow job, Joshua slams into Aria's snatch as she lays on the couch with Allie riding her mouth. Allie gets on her knees and has Joshua bang her in doggy while she laps and sucks at Aria's titties and nipples. When Joshua gets on his back, Aria can easily ride him in reverse cowgirl while Allie watches and masturbates. He finishes Allie off as she lays on her back with Aria helping keep her thighs spread. Since Joshua has stuffed their baskets so nicely, the girls can't wait to help him pop. Working together, they suck and slurp his cock until he nuts into Aria's mouth. The girls lick Joshua's hardon clean, then share a deep cummy kiss to enjoy each other with their treat.

Allie Addison in 'Ultimate Pleasure - 6 Orgasms'

Allie Addison - Ultimate Pleasure - 6 Orgasms

Allie experiences the ultimate pleasure when she rides a sybian and gets fucked to multiple orgasms.

Allie Addison in 'Horny Play Time'

Allie Addison - Horny Play Time

Allie gets her wet, little pussy stretched out by Kyle's big cock.

Allie Addison in 'Curious Stepsis'

Allie Addison - Curious Stepsis

Stepsis gets caught creeping on her stepbro's big cock in the shower. He helps her fulfill her curiosity by pounding her tight pussy and shooting cum all over her face.

Allie Addison in 'Stripper Casting'

Allie Addison - Stripper Casting

Allie comes in for an audition, strips on stage, then is encouraged to make herself cum onstage. Afterwards she gets fucked and facialed to seal the deal.

Allie Addison in 'Lubed Cheerleader'

Allie Addison - Lubed Cheerleader

Sexy cheerleader gets soaked in oil and has her tight pussy stretched by a big dick.

Allie Addison in 'Brat Domme 2 - Allie Addison'

Allie Addison - Brat Domme 2 - Allie Addison

Bratty Allie always gets what she wants? she is a spoiled brat who knows how to wrap men around her little finger and then use them for whatever she wishes. Her mom?s boyfriend had no chance of resisting her and now he lives to serve her. She comes come from a hard day of shopping on his credit cards? she?s very angry that he didn?t run to the car to bring in her bags, so she slaps his wimp face and tells him to get her bags. Then she makes him kneel down and worship her bratty feet. She loves toying with him and teasing him? she sits on his face so he can put his tongue deep in her asshole? she knows he will do ANYTHING FOR HER! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!

Allie Addison in 'Spread-Eagled Fuck Doll '

Allie Addison - Spread-Eagled Fuck Doll

Petite, curly-haired cutie Allie Addison always looks for new ways to get into trouble. The horny little freak teases in front of the couch, and then sexually aggressive director/performer Bryan Gozzling steps in. Young Allie wears a colorful see-though top in the opening tease sequence, showing off her tight booty and tender holes. Bryan gives her a passionate kiss, dominantly clutching her neck and fingering her wet cunt. Allie whimpers as he worships her body, responding to his every command. She drools while giving a nasty blowjob, soon lying spread-eagled on the couch for hard fucking. Bryan lubes up his cock and plows her tiny twat. Raunchy slit slamming comes with graphic cocksucking and culminates with a messy cum facial.

Allie Addison in 'Frosting Facial'

Allie Addison - Frosting Facial

Allie invites her boyfriend to get fucked and facialed under the guise of freshly baked cupcakes.

Allie Addison in 'Playful Facial'

Allie Addison - Playful Facial

Allie Addison gives a playful tease and gets fucked by a big dick.

Allie Addison in 'Bound'

Allie Addison - Bound

Stepbro walks in on his stepsis while she's tied up in bed.

Allie Addison in 'Center Pocket'

Allie Addison - Center Pocket

Stepsis seduces her stepbro while they play pool.

Allie Addison in 'Fresh Meat: Allie Addsion Endures Strict Bondage and Torment'

Allie Addison - Fresh Meat: Allie Addsion Endures Strict Bondage and Torment

Allie begins her day in a standing position with her arms in a box tie behind her back, and one leg bound and pulled up as well. This is a very vulnerable position, so she is already unsure of what to expect next. The Pope enters and gropes her petite body before handing out some torment with his heavy leather flogger. Allie quickly gets a feel for what is coming, so she settles into her new situation and prepares for her own demise. The Pope notices her apprehension, so he changes gears, and issues multiple orgasms to ease her into the rest of the day.Next, Allie finds herself in a two point hogtie with her arms and legs being pulled up to a single point. The Pope toys with her and pulls the point up, inflicting suffering by increasing the severity of the bondage with a simple tug. There is some bastinado and spanking before he pushes her body to it's physical limit. After tormenting her with more bondage, he grabs a dildo and plunges it into her pussy, and fucks her into multiple orgasms as she screams and moans.In the final scene Allie is on her back with her legs spread wide, and her wrists tied to her thighs to prevent her from closing her legs. The Pope administers some breath play with his flogger around her neck before ripping non-stop orgasms out her pussy using a dildo and vibe.

Allie Addison in 'Little Blonde Rubdown'

Allie Addison - Little Blonde Rubdown

Allie has sex with her masseur after a oily rub down.

Allie Addison in 'Wax On, Get Off'

Allie Addison - Wax On, Get Off

Allie gets a hot wax massage and fucked passionately.

Allie Addison in 'Orgasmic Fuck n' Facial'

Allie Addison - Orgasmic Fuck n' Facial

Cute, curly-haired Allie Addison flaunts her slender figure and perky booty in a bright blue dress. Dominant director/fucker Bryan Gozzling gives her a delicious rim job, and he rubs her clit as she squirms in delight. Allie wraps her lips around his big cock and delivers a thorough blowjob. He shoves his dick inside her tight cunt and porks her as she whimpers in orgasm. Allie climbs on top and mounts Bryan's meat for a ride that makes her body shake. Bryan fucks her from behind, and Allie cums hard on his throbbing rod. The orgasmic pussy pounding climaxes with Bryan splashing Allie with a creamy cum facial.

Allie Addison in 'Soaked Curls'

Allie Addison - Soaked Curls

Allie gets soaking wet with oil before getting fucked and facialed.

Allie Addison in 'All Throat For Allie'

Allie Addison - All Throat For Allie

Allie Addison is a Throated virgin but this beauty is made to suck cock. She loves to give head and knows what it takes to give the perfect blowjob. Jason Moody is the lucky recipient of Allie's thirsty throat in this sexy scene.

Allie Addison in 'Rental Agreement'

Allie Addison - Rental Agreement

Allie forgets to pay her rent and convinces the landlord to let her stay.

Allie Addison in 'Billiards With Stepbro'

Allie Addison - Billiards With Stepbro

Allie plays strip poker with her stepbro.

Allie Addison in 'St. Paddy's Day Creampies'

Allie Addison - St. Paddy's Day Creampies

Allie gets fucked by a BBC and repeatedly creampied on St. Patrick's Day.

Allie Addison in 'Sexy Little Maid'

Allie Addison - Sexy Little Maid

Sexy little maid cleans the house and fucks a big cock.

Allie Addison in 'Sexy Bathtime'

Allie Addison - Sexy Bathtime

Allie gets wet and soapy in the bath before getting fucked by a big dick.

Allie Addison in 'Climax Clicker - 11 Orgasms'

Allie Addison - Climax Clicker - 11 Orgasms

Allie gets surprised with a remote controlled vibrator and cums all over.

Allie Addison in 'Pied On Halloween'

Allie Addison - Pied On Halloween

Allie gets fucked and creampied on Halloween.

Allie Addison in 'Whos Your Favorite - S13:E3'

Allie Addison - Whos Your Favorite - S13:E3

Jason has come to visit his niece by marriage, Allie Addison and her stepsister, Harmony Wonder. Uncle J asked Harmony if she wanted to go to the fair with him, and the girls wind up arguing over it as Jason walks in. He says that if the girls will get along, he will take both girls. Instead of making things better, Uncle J's offer makes things worse. The girls start arguing and Harmony reveals that she must be the favorite because Jason let her suck his dick once. Jason points out that that was supposed to be a secret, but the damage is done. Now Allie wants a crack at sucking Uncle J's cock.The girls chase Uncle J into the bedroom and corner him on the bed, where Allie relieves him of his pants and starts sucking. Harmony isn't about to let Allie have all the fun. She stands there for a while, feeling up her small titties and big ass until she can't resist the temptation a moment longer. She swaps places with Allie, but it's not long before the girls start sucking together. Harmony eventually gets to her feet and slides down on Uncle J's dick as Allie helps her feel good. Then the girls once again switch.After another BJ, the girls each take turns climbing on top of Uncle J so they can explore what it feels like to ride his cock. Harmony gets the first go, but it's not long before Allie gives Uncle J a reverse cowgirl ride. The girls are loving Uncle J's big cock as Harmony takes it on her back while Allie rides her face. Then Allie mirrors Harmony's previous position, complete with having her stepsister's pussy on her mouth. On her belly, Harmony gets it from behind as she feasts on Allie, who's also on her tummy. As Uncle J gets close to cumming, the girls lay side by side so he can fuck them both. They finish their threesome with their mouths open to welcome his nut on their faces. Now the girls are getting along great to go to the fair as a happy group.

Allie Addison in 'After School Fling'

Allie Addison - After School Fling

Allie gets caught with dildos in her backpack during detention. She has sex with the teacher so he won't tell her parents about it.

Allie Addison in 'loves to ride big daddy cock'

Allie Addison - My Daughter's Hot Friend

Allie Addison's roommate's dad stops by to drop off some stuff. He was hoping to catch his daughter as well, but she stepped out for a bit. Allie can't help but take advantage of her friend being out of the dorm so she can fuck her friend's dad.

Allie Addison in 'Fo' Jizzle'

Allie Addison - Fo' Jizzle

Allie Addison gets creampied multiple times by a BBC.

Allie Addison in 'Paying Rent'

Allie Addison - Paying Rent

Allie Addison is late on her rent and fucks her landlord's BBC to avoid eviction.

Allie Addison in 'Hookup Hotshot: Sex Messages'

Allie Addison - Hookup Hotshot: Sex Messages

Wearing a tiny pink tube top, cute, curly-haired Allie Addison bats her long eyelashes and rubs her sensitive nipples. She touches dominant Bryan's thick boner, making her bald pussy instantly wet. Bryan licks her clit, and Allie cums intensely on his tongue. She stuffs his cock in her mouth and lets it slide all the way down her hungry throat -- it's a sloppy blowjob. Bryan shoves his thick prick into Allie's gash from behind, fucking her hard. His veiny rod porks her to multiple orgasms! See a nasty rim job and a hot cum facial.

Allie Addison in 'Shiny Creampie'

Allie Addison - Shiny Creampie

Allie Addison masturbates in the shower and gets an oily massage before getting fucked and creampied.

Allie Addison in 'Summer Vibes'

Allie Addison - Summer Vibes

Petite blonde plays with a remote control vibrator before getting fucked and facialed by a big dick.

Allie Addison in 'Footjob and Creampies'

Allie Addison - Footjob and Creampies

Allie Addison is feeling kinky and gives a footjob before getting creampied multiple times.

Allie Addison in 'Allie Addison'

Allie Addison - Allie Addison

Allie Addison gets interviewed and fucked on the Casting Couch.

Allie Addison in 'Cumming In Class'

Allie Addison - Cumming In Class

Allie Addison's teacher uses a remote control vibrator on her in class.

Allie Addison in 'Studying Remotely'

Allie Addison - Studying Remotely

Allie Addison's teacher uses a remote control vibrator on her in class.