Clara Trinity in 'Wet VR' - Sexy Stretches (Wet VR)

Clara convinces her man to do some make stretches. It is not long before they're feeling each other up and Clara begging for cock.

Released : March 8th, 2024
Male Models : Kyle Mason

Virtual Reality Experience with August Ames

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Clara Trinity in 'Sexy Games'

Clara Trinity - Sexy Games

Clara surprises you with a sexy game of cornhole.

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Clara Trinity in 'We Should All Just Fuck'

Clara Trinity - We Should All Just Fuck

Johnny was just trying to spend his day watching TV. However, his stepsister, Violet Gems, had a friend over and kicked him out of the living room. From there, Violet and her friend, Clara trinity needed up getting it on. Some time after that, Clara snuck into Johnny's room to have some fun with him too. Eventually, Violet discovered what was going and was offered to join in on the fun. She agreed and the three of them started fucking each other. Johnny penetrated their tight pussies in several different positions making them orgasm several times. All of this before he dropped a huge load all over their faces.

Clara Trinity in 'Erotic Vibrations - 9 Orgasms'

Clara Trinity - Erotic Vibrations - 9 Orgasms

Clara sits on a sybian and it rocks her world into massive, body shaking orgasms that makes her cum all over!

Clara Trinity in 'Yoga Session'

Clara Trinity - Yoga Session

Clara has an intimate 1 on 1 yoga session with her man. They face each other as she gets into multiple sexy poses.

Clara Trinity in 'Asian Delivery Girls'

Clara Trinity - Asian Delivery Girls

Asian delivery girls model cute lingerie for their customer and take turns sharing his cock in the shower.

Clara Trinity in 'Wedding Night'

Clara Trinity - Wedding Night

Clara has never let anyone cum inside her pussy but now that she's married, she wants him to fill her up as much as possible.

Clara Trinity in 'Oiled Asian'

Clara Trinity - Oiled Asian

Clara gets soaked in oil before getting fucked and facialed.

Clara Trinity in 'Winter Princess'

Clara Trinity - Winter Princess

Winter Princess strips down and plays with her dildo to get ready for a big dick.

Clara Trinity in 'I Suck It, You Fuck It'

Clara Trinity - I Suck It, You Fuck It

Leana Lovings and Clara Trinity were getting ready for their yoga instructor. As the where getting ready they realized how beautiful they are and decided to lick and scissor some pussy first. They orgasmed just as Danny Steele was knocking. Yoga was sort of exhausting so Leana secretly flashed Danny and signaled him to meet her at the toilet. There she sucked his dick until Clara knocked, also flashed Danny and lured him to the bedroom. Here the two were fucking in doggy until Leana burst in. Both girls were a little upset that the other girl was fooling around behind their back but hey, both still wanted to fuck and suck. So they both fucked Danny. There were so many pussies in his face on his dick. He was in heaven. They fucked and sucked until Danny came in Clara's face and Leana then licked the cum off.

Clara Trinity in 'Tight Asian Pussy'

Clara Trinity - Tight Asian Pussy

Clara's tight Asian pussy gets stretched and filled by Isiah's BBC.

Clara Trinity in 'Can't Zip It, Gotta Fuck It'

Clara Trinity - Can't Zip It, Gotta Fuck It

Clara Trinity and Mina Luxx love to get together to eat each other's pussies and scissor behind the back of Clara's boyfriend, Xander Corvus. When Xander shows up for their dinner date, Clara is half-naked and hiding her fuck friend behind a changing screen. Mina isn't into hiding, and messes with Clara by poking her pussy with a double-ended dildo while Clara discusses traffic with Xander. Clara needs to get Mina out of there quick! As she concocts a plan, Mina plays devil's advocate and sticks her bare ass and dripping wet pussy out of the changing screen for Xander to see. He says fuck it and pulls his hard cock out and does exactly that. Clara catches Mina fucking her man without her permission and puts a stop to that by pushing both onto the bed for some hot threesome action.

Clara Trinity in 'Sexting'

Clara Trinity - Sexting

Clara has been sexting with Brock and giving him masturbation shows. They can't wait to meet up and fuck. When he finally shows up, they don't even speak and get right into sex until he blows his load all over her face.

Clara Trinity in 'Going Through My Stepsis To Get My Car - S24:E11'

Clara Trinity - Going Through My Stepsis To Get My Car - S24:E11

Clara Trinity is just lounging on the couch in the living room when her stepbrother, Johnny Love, joins her. He tells Clara that his mom says he has to coach her for the upcoming spelling bee or she'll take away his car. Clara agrees, but she fucks with Johnny by intentionally spelling words wrong. She claims that she only knows how to spell dirty words and then demonstrates.Leaning back and spreading her thighs, Clara tells Johnny that if he fucks her she'll tell his mom he coached her really well and she'll spell all the words correctly. She peels off her clothes as Johnny hems and haws about it, and then grabs his hand so she can suck his fingers in a pantomime of what she really wants. Clara's thighs are already nice and spread out, so it's easy for Johnny to move lower and finger bang his hot stepsis. In return, he gets a sloppy deep throat BJ that tells him without words what a hot freak Clara really is.Hopping onto the couch on her knees, Clara looks over her shoulder to watch Johnny slide it in. He squeezes and jiggles her ass cheeks as he bangs her from behind. When it's Clara's turn to set the pace, she rides her stepbro's fuck stick in cowgirl and then turns around to twerk in reverse cowgirl. When Clara gets on her back and lifts her knees to open herself up, Johnny slides back home to give his stepsister one last big O. He finishes their flirty fuck by rubbing one out to deliver a facial for his smiling satisfied stepsis.

Clara Trinity in 'Cumming Deep - 13 Orgasms'

Clara Trinity - Cumming Deep - 13 Orgasms

Clara gets fucked deep by Kyle until she's cumming over and over.

Clara Trinity in 'Dripping Cum'

Clara Trinity - Dripping Cum

Clara gets her pussy filled with cum and takes a facial.

Clara Trinity in 'Cornhole Facial'

Clara Trinity - Cornhole Facial

Clara will let Quinton fill her hole if he makes a bag into the cornhole.

Lexi Luna in 'Capturing The Couple'

Lexi Luna - Capturing The Couple

Sexy and experienced Lexi Luna is a well-known couple's photographer, she works hard and always gets the best out of her clients. Today in the studio, she's shooting wholesome and virgin couple Clara Trinity and Oliver Flynn. The young couple is quite stiff but Lexi has just the thing to loosen them up! Lexi shows Clara and Oliver exactly how to please one another, teaching them ways to suck and fuck they never even dreamed of. Who knew that this couple's first time would be a threesome with a smoking hot milf like Lexi!

Clara Trinity in 'Pumpkin Fucking Stepbro'

Clara Trinity - Pumpkin Fucking Stepbro

Stepbro gets caught fucking his stepsis' pumpkin.

Clara Trinity in 'Underwater Love'

Clara Trinity - Underwater Love

Clara Trinity was getting a tan at the pool. Jay Bangher joined her and rubbed some oil on her sexy body. She jumped into the pool and the camera was capturing her pussy and ass underwater. She pulled out Jay's big dick. They started to fuck in the pool. His dick was pumping the water. They climbed out of the pool. She sucked his dick, stuck it in her throat. They fucked more. Reverse cowgirl showed her beautiful breasts and the deep in and out. They did some mish, doggy and spoon. Then he came on her face.

Clara Trinity in 'Thanksgiving Facial'

Clara Trinity - Thanksgiving Facial

Clara gets passionately fucked and facialed on Thanksgiving.

Victoria Cakes in 'Fucking The Hitchhiker And The Jailbird Part 1'

Victoria Cakes - Fucking The Hitchhiker And The Jailbird Part 1

Victoria Cakes is driving out in the country, when she picks up sweet and sexy hitchhiker Clara Trinity. After having some fun flashing litter-picking prisoner Kyle Mason on the side of the road (more on him later!), Victoria drives Clara off to a secluded area and has the hitchhiker ride on a dildo fixed to the gear shift. The girls then run off into the woods and find a good place to fuck, all while avoiding Kyle and the warden in charge of watching him.

Victoria Cakes in 'Fucking The Hitchhiker And The Jailbird Part 2'

Victoria Cakes - Fucking The Hitchhiker And The Jailbird Part 2

After their first round of fucking, Victoria and Clara decide to add some dick to the mix. They find jailbird Kyle Mason, just finished picking up litter, and free him while distracting the warden. Kyle is then treated to a double blowjob in the woods, before the trio head indoors for some hot threesome action. The sex is awesome, but will these three be able to escape the warden afterwards?

Clara Trinity in 'Happy Thanksgiving'

Clara Trinity - Happy Thanksgiving

Clara gets passionately fucked on Thanksgiving.

Clara Trinity in 'Friendly Neighbor Facialed'

Clara Trinity - Friendly Neighbor Facialed

Clara welcomes her new neighbors with a batch of cookies. He invites her inside when things get hot and heavy in a threesome ending with huge facials.

Clara Trinity in 'Full Body Massage'

Clara Trinity - Full Body Massage

Clara gives Tyler a full body massage before getting fucked and facialed by his big dick.

Clara Trinity in 'Tiny Workout'

Clara Trinity - Tiny Workout

Tiny Clara has a workout before getting fucked by a big dick and facialed.

Clara Trinity in 'Too Cute'

Clara Trinity - Too Cute

If you had a tight body like Clara Trinity, you would show it off with tight shirts and short shorts. This teen loves to play with her long hair to attract a partner who'll make her lovely body feel incredible. As her clothes hit the ground, her fingers pleasure her plump titties and juicy bare twat.

Clara Trinity in 'Sexy Vibes'

Clara Trinity - Sexy Vibes

Cute and horny, Clara Trinity is the kind of teen we love to feature on Nubiles. This brand new coed has curves in all the right places and she loves to shake what she's got. From her perfect handful boobies to her slippery bald snatch, this cock loving coed is locked and loaded for a good time.

Clara Trinity in 'Here For Fun'

Clara Trinity - Here For Fun

Lovely little teen Clara Trinity is here for a good time. Her puffy nipples are pretty much always hard and ready to be tweaked. As she strips out of her clothes, her bare pussy grows nice and wet, a slippery delight for her talented fingers. Grabbing a vibrator, she masturbates until she cums!

Clara Trinity in 'Fitness Fun'

Clara Trinity - Fitness Fun

Cute and fit, Clara Trinity is eager to finish her workout so she can get busy making her body feel good in other ways. This petite teen has lovely brown nipples and a lush ass that she loves having squeezed. Watch her grab a toy and finish the climax her magic fingers started.

Clara Trinity in 'I Caught My Step Sister Humping The Easter Bunny - S16:E8'

Clara Trinity - I Caught My Step Sister Humping The Easter Bunny - S16:E8

Easter is a fun holiday for Scarlet Skies and her friend Clara Trinity. They are in the process of decorating when Clara makes an incredible find: A huge bunny head. When Clara feels how soft the fur is, she gets an idea. She asks Scarlet whether she has ever tried humping a stuffed animal. Scarlet has not, so they get busy with the bunny. Although the start with their shorts on, they gradually peel off their shorts and lift their shirts as their horniness overtakes them.The girls are properly into their sexy frenzy when Scarlet's stepbrother, Jay Romero, walks in. When they realize that they've been seen, the girls tell Jay that he can't leave because he's totally going to tell everyone. They block him into the room and put the bunny head over his head to keep him there. The girls are both oh so horny, though, and with Jay trapped between them, Clara realizes that they may have a cure for their need. They rub Jay's dick and then when it's nice and hard they pull it out. Clara is the first to open wide and start sucking him off. Scarlet is close behind!Since the girls seem to like the bunny head, Jay keeps it on as they deliver a double blowjob. Scarlet is a little shy about fucking her stepbrother right away, but she's happy to let Clara eat her out as Jay fucks Clara in doggy. Jay lays down on the bed so Clara can ride his dick while Scarlet watches. Eventually, Scarlet takes Clara's place riding the D while Clara takes the bunny head off and plants her pussy on Jay's mouth. Jay puts the bunny head back on so that Scarlet can lay on her back as Jay bangs her and Clara rides her mouth. Banging his stepsis is so hot that Jay can't help but give Scarlet a creampie as he blows his load. Clara laps up the cum, then shares it with Scarlet in a big sloppy kiss.

Clara Trinity in 'Asian Vibrations'

Clara Trinity - Asian Vibrations

Clara rubs her pussy with a powerful vibrator to get ready for Tyler's big cock.

Clara Trinity in 'Loves to Fuck'

Clara Trinity - Loves to Fuck

Clara Trinity met up with Preston Parker to have some POV fun. She's a little shy until it comes time to get down. This chick loves to fuck and get fucked. After an interview, they quickly got down to business. She attempted to fit Preston's huge cock in her mouth as deep as possible. Eventually, it came time to penetrate her tight little hole. It was a struggle at first. This chick's pussy is extra tight. Clara got penetrated in several different positions before receiving a gigantic facial that covered her entire face.

Clara Trinity in 'Coach Peepers Lends A Big Hand'

Clara Trinity - Coach Peepers Lends A Big Hand

Jimmy Michaels is supposed to be training under the watchful eye of his stern football coach, Coach Peepers (Jay Slayher)... but he's a little distracted right now. Jimmy's cute girlfriend Clara Trinity has broken into the fieldhouse, eager to get a taste of Jimmy's dick. Jimmy thinks he's getting away with this, but Coach Peepers has caught on and sneakily spies on the young couple. When the inexperienced Jimmy runs out of breath trying to eat pussy and needs a time out, Coach Peepers tags in to save the day for the disappointed and horny Clara. The coach knows how to drill a woman properly. Eventually, the coach goes into hiding again, allowing Jimmy to finish the job. But will Jimmy be more impressive on his second try?

Clara Trinity in 'Mom Doesn't Need To Know'

Clara Trinity - Mom Doesn't Need To Know

Mark is enjoying a nice day off by the pool and trying to get a good tan. While he's putting on some tanning oil, he decides to give his step daughter a call to see if she can come outside and help him cover his back. She comes outside and can't stop looking at his body. She begins to get really horny and decides to try and see how far she could take it. She slowly starts rubbing his back with oil and convinces him to take off his shorts so that she can rub EVERYWHERE. She assures him that her mom won't ever find out. He was nervous at first, but it felt way too good to stop her. She gives him a slow and sensual handjob before asking if she can suck it. She then gives him an amazing blowjob and they begin to fuck before mom gets home. He leaves her with a huge cumshot all over his face and they both enjoy their new dirty little secret.

Clara Trinity in 'Clara's Suitcase Sex Surprise'

Clara Trinity - Clara's Suitcase Sex Surprise

We have Tyler coming in today to start filming but once he walked in, our director was telling him about his wardrobe and that he needs to change. No worries though as we have a special suitcase for Tyler. He can tell it's heavy but he drags it

Clara Trinity in 'Clara Rides The Bus'

Clara Trinity - Clara Rides The Bus

We spot Clara right outside the gym. She's so hot trying to get in the closed business, so we chat her up. She seemed hesitant; a c note convinces her to stay. We eventually got her in the van. Once inside the van, She takes off her top to reveal her perfect tits and tight body. She tells us she's turned on by watching a man jerk his cock. Luckily for her, Tyler Steel is already on the job. She turns around to see his giant erect cock. She gets to work worshiping his dick. She goes deep on the cock. She gets up and presents her pussy. it's begging to get fucked. Tyler pounds her pussy to oblivion. She gets a thick coat of cum on her mouth. It's always the quiet ones that are freaks. We abandon her on the side of the road.